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Power Your Website with Accelerated Mobile Pages

In the age of fiber optics, fractions of a second count. Any web presence without Accelerated Mobile Pages, taking more than a couple of seconds to load, may well lose out to competition. Digital information highway demands lightning speed. Continue Reading

What is New in Drupal 8.2.0

The latest development for Drupal site owners is that they can update their software with new minor release 8.2.0. Semantic version Drupal 8.2.0 is now available with scheduled features release. Continue Reading

Top Trending PHP Frameworks for 2016

Today’s generation may not be able to envision a world without the internet or even the most basic telephone. The world web is the fundamental digital thread linking the entire globe. Continue Reading

Mobile Application Development Trends 2017

If you are out for studying mobile app development trends 2017 then the best way to do is to talk to an expert who has been working in the industry for years. Continue Reading

What is Exciting About WordPress 4.6 Updates?

The much awaited WordPress version 4.6, also known as “Pepper”, has finally been released to public just after a few months since the release of WordPress version 4.5. Continue Reading

Different Ways for Increasing Mobile App User Engagement

If implemented, these 10 strategies for increasing mobile app user engagement can be of great help in reaching out to new customer base and thus, boost business profitability. Continue Reading

3 Advancements That Are Changing 2016 SEO

What changes in Search Engine Optimization in 2016 will cause one to sit up and take note? The three most important changes in SEO 2016 to watch out for include Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), RankBrain, and voice search. Continue Reading

Mobile Apps Increase Business Operational Efficiency

Thanks to business mobile application development, there is a proliferation in the number of business apps that increase the operational efficiency of a business and help save dollars. Continue Reading

Benefits of Android Mobile Application Development to Grow Your Business

In current world, smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Today, nearly 70% of the smart phones are based on Android Platform. Continue Reading

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