3 Major Advancements Changing SEO in 2017

" What changes in Search Engine Optimization in 2017 will cause one to sit up and take note? The three most important changes in SEO 2017 to watch out for include Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), RankBrain, and voice search."

Important Tricks To Improve Your SEO

1. Accelerated Mobile PagesAMP is attracting the maximum interest amongst marketers as it not only makes content easy to access with much lower download times, but also because Google’s new carousel feature prefers AMP-ready websites over the others. Since the bulk of search traffic, 70%, comes from Google, it can give a big push to AMP. So, get affordable SEO services for small businesses and implement AMP for your website with the focus on content rather than on animation or images. Washington Post and New York Times have read the signs of changing SEO in 2017, and have accordingly made their websites AMP ready. If you want Google to prefer you over the others on mobile devices, implement AMP in the next three to six months.

2. Googles’ RankBrainIt is yet another search algorithm from Google touted to throw up more relevant search results. RankBrain picks up clues from the context of the search query, irrespective of the exact words used for the search. Based on the real data from past searches, the team improves the technology and updates it. This implies that the old-school keywords will no longer suffice. The content will need to be engaging and succinct, and based on the popular social media trends.

3. Voice searchAccording to Search Engine Land, voice search accounts for 20% of all the searches. Amazon’s Alexa support for voice search is one such case in point. Google is readying its own Google Home for this purpose, which is likely to be far superior to Alexa. So, SEO professionals will need to focus on being visible through crisp answers on most common queries. SEO services in India will, therefore, need to create succinct answers to pointed questions. Short Q&A posts, coupled with ubiquitously updated key business information, will make the search engines throw the most current results.

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