Get Intelligent Ecommerce Solutions With WordPress 4.6 Know What is New?

" The much awaited WordPress version 4.6, also known as “Pepper”, has finally been released to public just after a few months since the release of WordPress version 4.5. The new WordPress 4.6 features are developed and modified to help users to perform important tasks at convenience. The main thing which will interest you is that a huge community of translators has contributed towards making the WordPress 4.6 accessible in 52 languages. Isn’t it great?"

What is Exciting About WordPress 4.6 Updates?

Before you discover exciting WordPress 4.6 changes and upgrade the version, do not forget to perform a full website backup. It is advisable to apply updates to a test so that you will understand the changes before actually applying them to your live site.

1. It is amazing how apps tackle deficiencies in the simplest of business processes, resulting in more productive business operations. For instance, the enterprise apps streamline business processes and make them accessible to people on the go. This eliminates unnecessary employee commutation and saves travel time and costs. Enterprise mobile app development can help streamline any business aspect and cut down on wasteful expenditures.

2. WordPress 4.6 shiny updates apply even to themes along with plug-in.

3. Interestingly, WordPress dashboard now uses system font of your operating system making it load faster and giving you the comfort of working with ease on whatever device you choose.

4. To overcome the issue of broken links which adversely affect your website’s SEO, the new version of WordPress now automatically checks links to make sure they are not broken.

5. Faster and easier recovery of saved content with WordPress 4.6.

6. ‘Auto-save for a while’ option leverages your browser thereby saving every 15 seconds.

7. HTTP API uses the requests PHP library.

8. Resource Hints for performance improvements.

9. Improved translation loading.

10. Customizer notifications and validation.

11. Improvement in multisite performance.

12. New Meta registration API.

These exciting features make a new version much popular among its users. But, in order to get benefited with the same, you certainly need expert assistance.

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