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Mobile Application Performance Testing

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If you are looking for cost-efficient mobile app usability testing services online then you are at the right place. Today applications work on multiple platforms & devices. As a result, apps need to be tested to ascertain their reliability. We offer specialist testing services for android, iOS as well as Windows based web apps for mobile devices like Smartphones, iPhones and tablets.Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being the best mobile application testing service provider. This is primarily on account of our approach that takes into account customers’ specific needs and requirements. Our list of clients back testimony for the same.

Performance testing on mobile apps is not an easy job as android and iOS technologies get updated continuously. Today’s mobile devices have different types of advanced versions which make mobile testing a complicated task. Our team of web professionals works round the clock and use their knowledge as well as experience for testing apps and contents so as to deliver the best in industry. Besides, our frameworks enable us to extend the scope of test coverage even for state-of-the-art applications based on latest mobile and web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML 5.

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Know The Importance Of Performance Testing In Mobile Application

Mobile devices have become indispensible part of human lives at the individual as well as corporate levels. All businesses require mobile apps or websites to compete with rivals and stay ahead in ever increasing market competition. Applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line or games like PokeMon Go, Wallet apps, candy crush, etc. have already gained popularity.

And firms in apps business are competing with each other to get to the top spot particularly with regards to apps downloads. In the digital world, the success of mobile apps depends on program type and its overall capabilities. To ensure reliability of mobile apps high quality testing is needed prior to launch in market.

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  • Mobile Application Testing
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  • Mobile Penetration and Security Testing
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Mobile Usability Testing
  • Mobile Localization Testing
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing

Most Affordable User Interface Testing For Mobile Applications Services

  • Mobile Application Testing

    Functionality, Usability & Consistency are 3 major attributes that form the basis for measuring customer satisfaction with regards to mobile applications.Improved functionality, usability & consistency are vital for ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile Web Testing

    Because of easy access to internet, mobile devices have become vital instruments for generating web traffic. Users access websites through apps in mobile devices and get same experience and responses as one can get while browsing websites on desktops or laptops.

  • Mobile Penetration & Security Testing

    Security challenges are an important issue with mobile technology as it is a soft target for hackers. They can hack and get confidential personal and financial data of clients which they provide through mobile devices particularly with reference to business transactions.

  • Mobile Test Automation

    The best way to implement permutation and ensure proper combination of varied factors or parameters like OS, display size, specifications, user interface, network configuration etc. that are a part of any mobile app as well as for carrying out precise & accurate testing of these combinations, automation of mobile tests.

  • Mobile Performance Testing

    With ever increasing popularity of mobile devices as well as constantly rising competition in market, apps performance has assumed the centre stage. Majority of the users consider performance as the main criterion for judging quality.

  • Mobile Usability Testing

    Usability of a mobile app refers to its user-friendliness and the manner in which targeted users adapt, learn and sue various features and functionalities of mobile apps. Usability can affect and influence customer satisfaction levels as well as experience and build reputation of the company.

  • Mobile Localization Testing

    The primary goal of any company is to ensure global presence of its products and services through different apps stores. However, for targeting a select group of audience, one needs to localize mobile app features, content data and other relevant aspects so as to fulfil their cultural needs and expectations.

  • Mobile Accessibility Testing

    Mobile application must be easily accessible, manageable and used by people who are disabled. It is estimated that around 15% of the world’s population has one or the other disability but most of them could be using mobile devices.

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Cloud Based Mobile Application Testing Services Online – Why Choose Us?

We offer comprehensive mobile testing services that ensure enhanced user experiences and provide opportunity to business managers update their products quality. Our proven track record for helping clients in implementing their goals and vision has enabled us to carve out a niche for ourselves and stay ahead of our competitors.

  • Clients get highly customized mobile apps that guarantee results.
  • User has total control over the testing process at any point of time.
  • We give solutions which are scalable & augment in-house operations
  • Our QA engineers and testers have experience to deliver top quality mobile testing services.
  • We also provide web professionals on hire for mobile testing services on an weekly, hourly, monthly or annual basis.
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As we are one of the leading mobile apps testing companies, we also offer offshore services. You can hire a qualified and experienced mobile app tester on hourly or weekly basis. Get benefitted with our services to secure performance oriented mobile app solutions to stay ahead of your business rivals.

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